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Jessica Davis

Dallas Personal Trainer


Boost! Fitness Personal Training: Jessica Davis, a Dallas personal trainer has the experience and expertise to help you reach any goal.

 Hi! I’m Jessica Davis, a Dallas personal trainer and owner of Boost! Fitness in Dallas, Texas. I help clients reach their fitness goals. This has ranged from “I want to lose 60lbs “ to “I want to “I’d like to improve for my yoga practice.” My personal mission is to help remove the roadblocks that prevent you from becoming the fittest, happiest version of YOU.

I start every client with a thorough fitness and movement assessment. This helps me determine the weak spots in your current routine. I can then address specific ways to improve these weak spots. From this, I create a custom program designed for you to reach your personal goals in the quickest way possible. I have 8 years of personal training experience as well as multiple certifications from NASM. These allow me to teach strength training, and advise you on your cardio and nutrition.

You have the option of in-home training or in a modern, private training studio. Whatever you need to reach your goals, I can get you there.

I’ve been interested in health and fitness from a young age, and have always enjoyed being active in sports and yoga. Around 10 years ago I was traveling all over the world which led to an extra 22lbs on my tiny 5’1” frame. I was determined to find my passion for fitness again and get into the best shape of my life. Now my passion is helping others on their own fitness journeys. If you’re looking for a Dallas personal trainer who will be committed to your personal fitness goals and create a program to your specific body type and fitness level, contact me today. Click the button below to book a free session and let Boost! Fitness help you get started on your journey!



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