Genesis Women’s Shelter Make the Break for Domestic Violence 5k & 1 Mile Fun Run

I recently participated in the Make The Break From Domestic Violence 5k hosted by the Genesis Women’s Shelter. The organization does a great job helping women and their families and I’ve had the privilege of knowing some fabulous women who have worked with them and had nothing but great things to say about it. The race ends on the Katy Trail and the course is the same one that a lot of other races use so I know it well. This race tends to be super relaxed and has a comfortable turn out makes it a fun one to attend.

The weather was cool enough that I brought Callie to run with me. We were joined by  Joe Flowers and met up with my client Lindsey and her husband Rob. I started the race with Lindsey and Rob and Callie at my side, but Callie runs faster at race events than she does in our normal runs so I take full advantage of it when I have the chance. I throw my typical race rules out the door, not worrying about conserving energy for the kick at the end. As long as I practice good breathing – long breaths through my nose and out through my mouth – I have no problem starting faster than I’d like.

Shortly after the start, there’s a small-but-long sloping hill I knew was coming. Good running technique tells you to run slightly faster up hills to keep your same pace going, but I cannot mentally handle that. If I try to run a hill going only slightly faster than my normal speed, I want to stop running completely! I am much more OK with killing myself on a hill sprint before slowing down to catch my breath and return to my normal pace. After the hill I knew we were maybe a mile from the end, but the humidity made it feel much longer. We maintained our pace, passed quite a few people also feeling the heat and then I saw the finish line ahead. Knowing we only had about 2-3 minutes to go, I started speeding up but Callie wasn’t feeling it. With a little encouragement though, she sped her little legs up a bit and was the first doggie to cross the finish line!

We met up with Joe at the end and waited for Lindsey and Rob at the finish. Lindsey looked great as she came across the finish line – she seriously looked like it was a breeze for her! I don’t know how some women look so easy breezy when they workout – I always look like I’m in terminal pain and my face gets bright red. Very soon after Lindsey, Rob crossed the finish line as we all embarrassed him with our screams of “You’re winning!” and “Woo-hoo!” We all headed to the after party to wait on Joe‘s medal (he won first in his age division)! While we waited we decided on The Dream Café for brunch, one of my post-race favorites. It has lots of healthy options (and some sweet ones too if you feel like splurging) and a great patio.

Since it was a little chilly, we grabbed a Bloody Mary from the outside bar, headed inside and chowed down on some egg whites and oatmeal with fruit. Starting a Saturday off with a relaxing 5k before laughing through brunch with friends freaking rocks – can’t wait to do this again!

Lindsey and Rob

Lindsey Crossing the Finish Line!


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Callie Sporting Joe's Medal!

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