Jingle Bell Run 5k 2012

Christmas lights, a race course through the  Dallas Design District, and jingle bells everywhere! There is so much to love about this race! It’s a 5k course and 1 mile fun run that I look forward to every year to watch the happy families and view all the amazing decorations in the Anatole hotel.   The only downside is that it’s at night on a Wednesday and the course can be pretty dark so if you have problems with night vision this might not be a great race choice for you.  I definitely had to pay serious attention to my foot path so I didn’t trip over anything.  This course could have supplied more water at the end too-I was unable to find any until I went inside.  The vibe at this race is so darn Christmassy though, there is no way anyone can be Scrooge-like by the end!

Fast (Fresh) Food Southpaws Grill

It’s Holiday time! That means extra errands, extra parties, and extra food-everywhere! There are tricks to avoid overeating at parties – snack on something small and healthy beforehand, drink plenty of water, and take smaller portions of indulgent foods so you’re not completely deprived and over-eat later! With all this extra socializing and running all over town, it can also be hard to find time to make sure you’re eating healthy at home. I like to have a couple of fast food standbys that I know I can pick up when I’m in a rush and won’t kill me with calories.

Southpaw’s Grill is a favorite of mine for many reasons. First and foremost-it’s quick. It’s also fresh, there are a ton of menu options, and it’s really really tasty.  I love everything here-from the turkey burger that was seasoned so well it didn’t need anything else on it, to the breakfast wraps and the uber fresh fruit that comes on the side of most menu items. The last time I was there I got the Pavo Guacamole wrap (pictured below) and it’s now a new favorite of mine there. I’m positive I will be visiting Southpaw’s a few more times with Christmas fast approaching!