Lindsey Brammer

Lindsey Brammer-Before

Lindsey Brammer Finishing Her First Half Marathon!

Lindsey Brammer-After

I recently asked my client Lindsey Brammer if she wanted to post her before and after pictures on my site and she was really excited about the idea.  She has had an amazing transformation, losing right at 60 lbs and having completed her first half marathon in October 2012. I am so incredibly happy that I was allowed to be a part of this transformation with her-Lindsey has the most amazing spirit and kind heart and deserves every bit of this success.  Not only has she been a trainer’s dream, working her butt off and trusting in the process, but she has also been a source of inspiration for me as well.  Her perseverance and motivation have picked me up in my own moments of needing a boost!

I asked Lindsey for a quote about what losing weight has meant to her to put under her pictures and she instead sent me the following email. After reading it, I knew I wanted to create a blog post about her so that I could share her story with all of you. Here are her own words:

“60 pounds. What a profound thing – to have lost so much body weight and to have gained so many things, each one more and more satisfying.

Weight. Its a huge word. It’s what keeps you down. This feeling rippled through every dimension of my life. The mess of that weight just spilled over and over again until it affected everything. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted, nor was it who I was. I knew I deserved better for myself. I also knew I needed real help if I was to give myself an actual opportunity. I didn’t want a half measure.

I started poking around for a personal trainer. I had never worked with a real trainer before, and felt intimidated as I researched local ads and testimonials. I sent out a few emails, and took a big gulp.

Jessica called me the next day and we set up a meeting. Having never done this before I was really nervous, a little skeptical, but really curious. Within the first 15 minutes of our first meeting she began asking me some specific questions regarding my body. These questions were focused and I instantly became very aware of the value of this personal and professional approach to training. I agreed to meet with her a few times a week, and shortly I became more and more committed to bettering myself. She developed a personalized plan for me that covered not just working out, but she also gave me a nutrition plan that was simple and effective.

I would liken the next year and a half of training to a steady hike. I never felt beaten down by my challenges, just more and more encouraged to keep working, to keep expecting more for myself. When tracking my results, it was always a nice pat on the back to see that I had lost “x” number of pounds, or however many inches, but for me, the larger pay off was how very capable I began feeling. Not just capable of monitoring my food, or getting in my workouts, but I felt stronger, emotionally and physically. I started thinking of my various day to day challenges with a more positive attitude and with a perseverance I had lost somewhere along the way. I felt more like myself – and less weighed down.

I’m so happy I found Jessica, I feel I lucked out and found the city’s best kept secret. If you are ready to put in the work, I swear you couldn’t ask for a better partner!”