Who’s In Your Fit Family?

Yes, I do claim these crazy people!

I was reminded how awesome my fit family is this past weekend when my friend Kelly offered to run the Katy Trail 5kwith me.  Her pace is way faster than my short legs will allow me to run so I assured her she really didn’t have to slow down just to keep me company. Kelly insisted that it would be nice to relax a little bit and enjoy the run with me so I did my best to pick my pace up as much as possible. I ended the run with a PR all because of the support and motivation of my friend. This confidence boost in turn inspired me to train harder to improve my pace more regularly from now on.

Having people around you who support your healthy habits, join you for walks and runs and gym sessions, and encourage you no matter what your goal may be is one of the most important things you can do for your personal health journey. Take a look around you and make sure you’re spending enough time with those that encourage you, not those who downplay the importance of your goals. Unfortunately, it is incredibly common for even your partner or spouse to take a negative approach to your health goals. This post in Spark People has some great advice on understanding how to deal with diet saboteurs.

If you’ve yet to find your fit family, take some time to cool off after your run and smile at those around you, chat with other people after a gym class and check out my events page to find Dallas athletic events to train for to meet new people. You will soon find your next biggest supporter!