How Do You Know If You Have Heat Stroke?

Here in Texas we are all getting excited about race season starting even though the temps are still hitting 100 during the day. This means if you are training or working out outside you must be especially careful to avoid overdoing it or getting heat stroke. This great article from the experts on protecting your heart, the American Heart Association, explains warning signs and what can make you especially prone to heat stroke.

Here’s my summary of signs to watch out for from the article:

  1. Body temperature of 104 F or greater
  2. Lack of sweating. Skin will feel hot and dry, unless heatstroke is cause by exercise.
  3. Nausea, vomiting or both
  4. Flushed/red skin
  5. Rapid, shallow breathing
  6. Headache
  7. Confusion and/or unconsciousness
  8. Muscle cramps or weakness
  9. Strong and rapid pulse
*If you suspect someone is suffering from heatstroke, immediately take them out of the sun and call 911.  While you’re waiting for the ambulance, try to have the person drink a cool, uncaffeinated, non-alcoholic beverage, such as water, and fan them with cool air.
My advice for running or working out outdoors with higher than normal temps is to SLOW DOWN the pace of your workout and SHORTEN the duration. It’s not safe to do your normal workout in abnormal temps!