Businesses That Make Boost! Fitness Possible

Boost! Fitness personal training mission is to make getting healthier easier in every way possible we can. It takes all sorts of help to make my own life run easier so that in turn I can have the time and energy to do this for others.

In this Holiday season as I’m thinking of all that I’m thankful for, I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! to the following local businesses in Dallas that keep me sane (sane is relative) and my days running smoothly with their helpful services and incredible customer service:


THE PETROPOLITAN- I take my dog (and best friend) Callie to play at day care here every week on super hectic days when I know I can’t give her enough attention and I never have to worry that she is not in good hands. Although the atmosphere can be hectic when you walk into the Full Service grooming, day care and boarding center in downtown Dallas you would never know it by the employees demeanor. It is evident that every employee truly enjoys dogs and you will usually hear a recap of your dog’s day and sometimes a story of their own dog. It makes me laugh to hear stories of my “bossy” dog (where did she get that from?) when I pick her up.

EXHALE SPA- I consider regular massages part of my fitness routine and Tina at Exhale Spa Dallas is the best around. I’ve had massages all over Texas, and all over the country (and a few out of the country!) and I still haven’t found anyone better than Tina. The massage beds at Exhale Spa are also my favorite I have ever been on. They’re like heated piles of clouds. So incredibly comfy. Is it weird if I put one in my home to sleep on?

SNAP KITCHEN- This newcomer to the Dallas health food scene has been a breath of fresh fast deliciousness! Located beside Pei Wei off Mckinney and Pearl Street Uptown, they have inventive, flavorful prepackaged meals with calorie counts and ingredients clearly printed on the outside of each package. They are a way better option than Lean Cuisines on those too busy to cook days. Lots of veggies and protein and a super helpful staff make me actually look forward to refrigerated meals. On second thought, maybe they are a cult because this doesn’t seem possible…

START RESTAURANT- My other go-to food destination in Dallas for healthy, quick options is this drive thru “real food fast” restaurant off Greenville Ave. It’s so tasty that I think I actually squealed in my car when I saw the new location on Lemmon Avenue being built and then tweeted them. Yes, I’m a dork.

D.D. FRENCH DRY CLEANING- Any article of clothing I would be heartbroken to lose goes here. This place takes fine Dry Cleaning seriously. My clothing comes back looking like brand new and the staff remembers my name even though they only see me about once a month. They are the sole reason I don’t stink at social events.

ROYAL TAILOR- Short girls are awesome! I have to go to the tailor a LOT. After several visits to a certain well talked about Dallas tailor in which the customer service was atrocious (Rude), a piece of clothing was ruined and they failed to mention it, and a skirt came back looking like it had been crumpled in a corner and smelling like food, I asked the wonderful employees at D.D. French Dry Cleaning for a tailor recommendation and they sent me to Royal Tailor on Lemmon Avenue. Voila! My pants now look like they came from the store 2 inches shorter. I will not go anywhere else now.

URBAN ACRES- I never know how much veggies to buy when I grocery shop. A client of mine told me about how awesome Urban Acres is so I signed up for this organic local crop share service and have stuck with it because of how helpful it is to pick up a fresh crate of seasonal veggies without having to brave the grocery store yet again during my week. Tip: use the greens and lettuces quickly! No one likes wilty greens.


What local Dallas businesses make your week run easier so that you can stick with your fitness and health goals? Comment below if you have any you’d like to share with the Boost! Fitness workout and fitness community!