How to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

I have read so many articles recently about NOT making New Years Resolutions. Since when did making resolutions become passé? Guess what?Resolution is just another word for goal. Goals are good. So go ahead and make those resolutions/goals, but this year you need to make them stick!

Here’s how:

-BREAK DOWN BIG GOALS INTO SMALL DOABLE WEEKLY/MONTHLY TO-DOS: Break down things like “Be healthier” and “Lose weight” into ways you can actually make that happen like “I will substitute water for all my beverages” and “I will workout 3 times a week”. Tackle these one at a time if you feel overwhelmed. Goals aren’t achieved in a day, they take time to build into the finished product!

-WRITE YOUR RESOLUTIONS DOWN AND KEEP THEM SOMEWHERE THAT YOU WILL SEE THEM DAILY.One of my favorite tricks to keep me focused on my goals is to make a cute little picture of my goal written down and save it as my iPhone background. Every time I look at my phone I am reminded of what my current goal is and I take a moment to think  about what I am doing that day to help me reach it.

-HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS AND HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE. Hiring a professional personal trainer like at Boost! Fitness takes the guesswork out of reaching your goals. A personal trainer can tell you what you need to be doing every week to reach your health and fitness goals, how many days to strength train, do cardio, and how to structure your diet for your personal goals. Paying a personal trainer also gives you incentive to not skip workouts so that you don’t throw away money on canceled training sessions!

-HAVE A FRIEND AGREE TO BE YOUR CHEERLEADER. Ask your bestie or a like minded goal oriented friend to check in with you on a once or twice weekly basis to make sure you are sticking to your goals. Let them know specifically what you want to be doing and what to ask you that will really motivate you to do it. Of course you should also be willing to return this favor to them!

-SET YOUR PHONE ALARM AS A REMINDER. Do you find yourself at the end of the day realizing you didn’t even get a chance to stop and think about the things you wanted to do to tackle your goals? I hear this all the time (we are all soooo busy, I know!) Create a reminder alarm on your phone to buzz you out of your busy rush of a day to stop and drink a glass of water, take your vitamins, eat a snack, or take that 10 minute walk. Do this now!

-CREATE A NON-FOOD REWARD SYSTEM. Tell yourself that when you hit a mini-goal like losing 2lbs, getting in all your workouts for the week, cooking dinner every evening or skipping dessert for a month, that you will reward yourself with that mani/pedi, movie you’ve been wanting to see, or some other small something you’ve had your eye on.

-ADD MONEY INTO A SPECIAL ACCOUNT WHEN YOU ACHIEVE YOUR SMALL GOALS. Jar, savings account, retirement fund, whatever floats your boat, add to it every time you hit those small goals that tie into your big picture. The DietBet app is also a fun way to do this. Extra incentive to end the 2015 year with a bang!


Which of these methods sound helpful to you? Do you have a different way that you like to make sure you hit your goals? I want to hear them all! The more the merrier for a happy healthy 2015!

Xoxo, Boost! Fitness

Get Motivated Now!

Oh hello there THIRD WEEK OF THE NEW YEAR! How did that sneak up on us?! Ok, check-in time: How are you doing on those New Year Resolutions? Are you getting in your workouts or hiding under the covers still feeling the lazy effects of too much Holiday food? If you’re finding it hard to get motivated still here’s a playlist designed specifically to recharge your fitness motivation! What songs get you pumped to workout? Comment below to share with our community!
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