7 Easy Changes: How to Break Through a Fitness Plateau

Plateaus happen to everyone and are obnoxiously annoying. They’re frustratingHow to break a fitness plateau and always seem to happen out of nowhere at a point when you’re kicking major fitness ass. Most of the time there’s no rhyme or reason to why they happen, but in my 8 years of personal training I’ve found some great small changes to make when you need to know how to break through a fitness plateau. These take a small amount of effort to get you closer to your fitness goal.

Here are 7 small changes you can work into your routine ASAP:


Incorporate Intervals- No matter what type of cardio you are doing, amping up your intensity in short bursts followed by recovery periods of slower speed throughout your workout can challenge your heart, lungs, and body in a new unexpected way that forces change in your results. I like to start my clients with a 10 minute moderate warm up followed by a 30 second high speed burst and 2-1/2 minutes of recovery time. Repeat the burst/recovery combo until you are ready for your cool down period.


Use the Rest Time Between Your Weight Sets: Instead of resting fully between weight sets, use the time to burn some extra calories; Jump rope, do 30 seconds of a plyometric exercise like squat jumps, skater jumps, or switch lunges.


Try Something Completely New: Get out of your comfort zone and try a new class, sport or exercise. Grab some friends and do something out of the ordinary: I arranged for some clients and I to take a local Silks class and it was a fun and creative way for us to all be active together. Check out photos from our class here.


Change Up Your Weight: Always lifting light with lots of reps or super heavy with few reps? Do exactly the opposite for 1-2 weeks to challenge your body in a different way.


Boost Your Plate: Eat more calories! Yes, I just told you to eat more. If you’ve been following a strict low calorie diet for an extended period of time, add 150-250 calories to your daily intake and amp up your workouts or move more during the day. Now this is not an excuse to give up on the low calorie plan you’ve been half-assing and assuming it’s not working for you one week later. But, if you’ve TRULY been on point with your calories, this is a good change to add in that also helps you give you more energy and oomph when you workout.


Change Up Your Food Schedule: Limit your starchy carbs to the meals/snacks only before and after your workout. On days when you do not workout, limit starchy carbs to your first two meals of the day. This ensures that your body is using food energy as efficiently as possible.


Get An Experts Advice: Hire a professional trainer to figure out what you  can do to give your routine a Boost! and break through your plateau to see better results. A good trainer will get a full view of what you’re currently doing and have suggestions that you may not have thought about. Sometimes even just getting a new workout routine from a pro can be enough to get you on a better track.


When is the last time you hit a plateau? How were you able to fix it? Leave any questions for me in the comments and as always, Boost! your friends fitness by sharing this post with the Social Share buttons below!

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Excellent advice and really just what I needed to read. Sometimes you get so locked in a routine, you forget there are other things to enrich a workout. Thanks!

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