7 Ways To Workout Like an Olympian

If you have been as obsessed with watching the olympics as I workout like an olympianam, after seeing their feats of athleticism you might be wondering (like I am) about what it actually takes to be THAT GOOD.
Olympians are thought of as elite athletes and they dedicate their lives to their sport. You may not have the time to workout like Olympians do, but you can take some of their training strategies to up your own game and workout like an Olympian!

Here are some ways to do just that:



-Train for your sportwhatever your favorite activity is, use strength training to improve your performance. Love running? Focus on your core and your legs in the gym. Tennis is your thang? Do agility drills and plyometrics to improve coordination and power on the court


-Use your food to fuel your workout– eat with a purpose and time your eating so that you will have enough energy to make it through your workout but not be so full that you’re uncomfortable. For most people this is 1-1/2 to 2 hours before their workouts.
What food will make you feel the best during your workout? sometimes this can be trial and error because everyone is different. Usually some combo of healthy carbs and protein will give you the most energy.
How much food will you need to perform? Are you just heading out for a short run? A small snack will be enough then. Longer gym session? A full lunch with plenty of protein may be needed.


-Prioritize recovery In order to keep performing at high intensity and endurance levels you need to take care of those muscles to ensure you’re preventing injury and that they’re once again ready to perform. You can do this by:
Getting enough sleep-when you’re tempted to watch just one more episode of Stranger Things on Netflix, remind yourself of how good you’ll feel during your workout tomorrow if you get enough sleep. Turn off those lights and screens and slip on a silk sleep mask to really get good shuteye!
Refuel during your post workout meals-take in about 150-300 calories (even more if you are endurance training) within 30 minutes of your workout to replace nutrients and hydration so your muscles can start repairing themselves. Tart cherry juice has also been shown to help with muscle soreness.
Hydrate!-water, water, water, electrolytes, and water. Coconut water and sports drinks can be helpful after intense and hot workout sessions too.
Foam rolling and stretching-work out all those knots and gently stretch post-workout to cool down your muscles and help prevent injury later. Epsom salt baths and heating pads can also be helpful for easing muscle soreness.


-Crosstrain prevent injury and improve full body strength and conditioning by taking a day or two each week to do a workout that complements your other training. Maybe a yoga session to lengthen all your muscles from your weightlifting sessions. If you’re a runner, swimming can work your body in ways that you are not typically used to.


Hire a coach if you have a specific goal to train for and want someone to help you perform at your best hire a coach who has experience with similar athletes. A good trainer can help you set up a strategic plan to accomplish your goals with minimal injury.


-Compete! grab a friend, set a goal, and create a little healthy competition. A 5k, tennis match, or even just a goal to hit the gym a certain number of days each week can be a healthy way to improve your performance. You can even make a fun wager to up the competition.

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