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home photoAre you just starting out with a fitness plan? Do you have impressive goals like running a marathon or losing 50 pounds? Jessica Davis, the owner and personal trainer of Boost Fitness, offers the help and support you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

Reaching your exercise and health goals feels empowering. Those goals can help you achieve a happy and balanced life. Read on to discover how working with Boost Fitness and your Dallas personal trainer will improve your physical fitness and mental health.

We Begin With the Personal Assessment

You probably have goals and ideas in mind, but you might not know how to accomplish them. The first step to reaching your goals is figuring out your current fitness level and where you’ll need to work hardest. None of us likes to admit we have weaknesses, but that’s why a fitness assessment is an important part of creating your ideal training plan.

Did you know the way you move offers clues about your current fitness level? If you’re already a dynamo on the elliptical machine, but you’re interested in gaining muscle tone, your fitness assessment will help us figure out the best strength training routine to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training Services in Dallas

Here are your options for personal training with Jessica Davis and Boost Fitness in Dallas TX:

1 Hour Personal Training Sessions in Your Dallas Home

After your free initial fitness assessment, we’ll talk about how we’ll use nutrition and a fitness plan to help you reach your goals. Your fitness plan will focus on your strengths, as well as on the areas you want to improve. Focusing on an individualized training plan will provide the most expedient route toward your personal fitness and health goals.

Strength and conditioning require dedication, and a personal fitness trainer provides the knowledge, encouragement, and help you need to become powerful, healthy, and fit. Often, all it takes is that first step with an in-home personal training session.

Ready to get started with your personal training in Dallas, TX? Call (817) 304-5917 or book a session online.


Work with a professional. As a certified personal trainer in Dallas, Jessica Davis offers you the experience of eight years working as a private personal trainer, as well as multiple nationally recognized professional certifications.

Dallas Personal TrainingDallas Personal Training Sessions in a Private Studio

Like the personal training sessions available in your home, a session in a private studio also features an initial fitness assessment and a discussion of your goals and training plan. Working with a private personal trainer in a professional studio can give you the mental boost you need to really attack your goals.

Awesome benefits with Boost Fitness. Gym locations are available at two Dallas gyms, there’s no membership fee required, and cardio equipment is available after the session.

Full Nutrition Consult in Home

Gaining strength and confidence through fitness isn’t the only way to improve your health. A thorough understanding of nutrition and healthy eating helps support your body with essential calories as you work toward your exercise and fitness goals. Nutrition consults take one to three hours, and you’ll develop a nutrition plan that lists what foods you should avoid and what foods will help support your body and mind.

With the help of your nutritionist in Dallas, you’ll learn how to avoid “empty calories” and how nutritional supplements and vitamins can help you reach your nutrition goals. An in-home full nutrition consult and the creation of a nutritional diet plan is a terrific way to begin your fitness journey. Dallas nutrition programs help you choose healthy foods that give you energy during workouts.

Nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand. You may want to arrange for an appointment around the same time you start your sessions with your certified personal trainer in Dallas.

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A Healthy Mind and Body with Boost Fitness

We come in so many different shapes and sizes, and it’s important to celebrate what makes us unique. When you work with an in home personal trainer, you learn your strengths and how to use fitness and healthy eating to your advantage.

Whether you choose to work with a personal trainer at home or at the gym, Jessica Davis and Boost Fitness are here to get you started on your journey to a healthy, fit body.