Fall Fitness Tips

I’ve got some great Fall Fitness tips for motivating yourself to stick with your fitness goals through the holidays and the end of the year! Fall fitness tips

At the start of Fall when we swap our bikinis for sweaters its easy to slack on workouts and reach for comfort foods. Now is the perfect time though to check in with yourself and see where you can improve and put in more effort. If you can stay on track before the holidays, you will face less of a battle at the start of the new year and feel less regret over how far you have to go to reach your goals.
Luckily, the cooler weather and seasonal vitamin-packed foods make working on your fitness goals easier. Read through the following tips on how to use the perks of Fall to your advantage!



TAKE A HIKE! (or a walk!)- Fall weather is perfect for exploring your local trails or taking a weekend hiking trip. Check out my post on easy ways to plan a local hiking trip.


FALL TV- New Fall shows that you want to watch are a great motivational tool. Save episodes that you’re looking forward to as cardio only watching to motivate your butt to get into the gym and possibly look forward to that cardio time!


NIGHTTIME RUNNING- If you’re planning on running or walking at night to enjoy the cooler weather dress for safety-wear reflective clothing and accessories. Check out these great safety tips from Runners World for night time running.


PICK A POST HOLIDAYS GOAL- This is a great way to stay on track and have motivation now, rather than waiting for the start of the New Year. This could be maintaining your weight through the holidays, running a 5k, doing a certain amount of pushups, weekly gym dates with a friend, etc. Fall Fitness tips


FARMERS MARKET TRIPS- Take a long morning walk on the weekends with coffee and hit up your local Farmers Market afterward to buy food for your weekly meal prep.


DON’T FORGET WATER- Just because its cooler out doesn’t mean you can skimp on hydration! I remind my own clients about this when the weather starts to cool down. Set a phone reminder to drink throughout the day.


CROCKPOT!!!- It’s soup and stew season! So breakout that crockpot and make dinner prep easy on yourself. Freeze leftovers for an easy meal to reheat during a busy week.


REFRESH YOUR WORKOUT CLOTHES FOR FALL- Each new season is a great time to look through your workout gear to see what needs to be tossed and replaced (don;t forget to donate gently worn duds to your local shelters/charities). Buy some new Fall workout clothes to motivate yourself to hit your local running trails or your gym.


BETTER WEATHER!- Embrace the cooler temps and head outdoors for your workout so you can enjoy the exercise and endorphins instead of sweating in a cramped gym.


ENJOY HOLIDAY FOODS- There’s more motivation to burn more calories during your workouts when there’s special holiday foods to reward yourself with later!


RACE SEASON!- This may be the part of Fall that I’m most excited about every year. When the weather starts to cool down, race season starts to heat up. Running a local 5k/10k with friends the going to post race brunch for ALL THE PANCAKES afterward is my favorite way to spend a Saturday!

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