Healthy Tailgating Tips

Part of the fun of football season are weekends filled with healthy tailgating tipstailgating with friends. But how do you do healthy tailgating if you’re trying to not blow your fitness goals every weekend? I’ve got some great pre-party healthy tailgating tips and lots of great junk food swaps that will help you stay on track this football season.

Pre-Party Tips
-Drink plenty of water and have about a 150-200 calorie snack before the party. When you show up to a party starving you’ll be more likely to overeat.
-Choose 2-3 of your favorite party foods that you want to indulge in that you really enjoy and have one small plate of them before moving onto healthier foods.
-Drink water between cocktails to help pace yourself and keep you aware of how much you’re drinking so you don’t overdo it.
-Socialize AWAY from the food! Don’t stand around by the food table to chat.
-Bring a healthy dish that you enjoy so that you know you have something you can eat instead of relying on what you find there.
-Don’t skip your workout that day! Factor in some extra time in your cardio or strength training. Check out my post on HIIT workouts to burn some extra calories before your party.

Light Beers and Cocktails-Best Choices, Calorie Stats
-Budlight 110 cals
-Miller light 110 cals
-Michelob ultra 96 cals
-Vodka soda 96 cals
-Corona light 99 cals

Light Food Swaps
-Sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes for potato skins
-Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
-Grilled meats instead of fried or breaded
-Salsa, hummus, guacamole instead of mayo or heavy dips
-Fruit instead of dessert

For some great healthy tailgating recipes check out this article from PopSugar.


How do you keep your weekends healthy during football season? Share your tips in the comments below and please share this article with your friends!

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