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Do you think working out at home isn’t an option because you don’t have a ton of money to spend on buying equipment? This just isn’t true! From my professional training experience you don’t need a ton of money or equipment to have an effective home gym. I think you only need 3 home gym equipment essentials to get started, plus a few extras when you’re ready for a workout Boost! You may even have most of these items already so it’s time to quit the excuses! You can fit in a workout while you’re watching a tv show tonight.

1.Stability Ball

These take up a bit of room but can deflate for storage if needed. Look at the front of the package for height/size instructions to choose the right one. This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any gym-you can use them to do planks, crunches, stretching, and add some instability to challenge your core during just about any exercise.


You can opt for a simple pair of rubber coated single dumbbells if you really want to save money. Women should buy a set of 5 or 8lb dumbbells and men should buy either 10 or 15lb dumbbells. Choose a weight that feels moderately heavy for you, but not so heavy that you can only eke out 5-8 reps with it. If you’re looking for more options or versatility, I highly suggest buying a set of adjustable weight dumbbells. I promise you, you will use these so often they will be more than worth what you pay for them. I would try to avoid any set that has the weight plates on the ends boxed in-those tend to make it harder to maneuver with the weights in your hands. This is something I suggest at least checking out in store first to make sure the quality is worth the price.

3.Foam Roller

I teach all of my clients to use one of these properly before we start any workout program. These are used to loosen up any patches of muscle that are tightened from overuse or recover from major muscle soreness. Sit at a desk all day? Try using the foam roller to loosen up your hip flexors and the outsides of your thighs, those are both areas that I often see imbalanced in clients who work at a desk.

4. Equipment For an Extra Boost!

Mats, resistance bands and a pull up bar are great additions to a basic home gym. If your space has hard flooring a mat can be helpful for doing floor exercises. Resistance bands are great for travel and are a good switch up for your muscles occasionally because they offer a different type of resistance challenge and a freer range of motion. Pull-up bars can also be a great addition to your home gym when you’re needing more intensity and challenge, but please PLEASE make sure you install them correctly and don’t skimp on buying a good set unless you want to be a YouTube video outtake. Fitness roadkill aint pretty.

Have you started building your home gym yet? Leave me any questions in the comments below and let us know if you have any other tips for buying equipment!

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