How to Find a Personal Trainer on Any Budget

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Do you want to find a personal trainer but are not sure where to start? I’m here to help you with that! You’re getting advice straight from the source here. I’ve been a personal trainer for 8 years and have talked to countless number of people looking to hire a trainer so I can tell you what you need to focus on and where to look no matter what budget you are working with.


First things first: Decide on your priority or main goals. Jot down the main reasons you are looking for a trainer and what you want to accomplish. If you will only be buying a small amount of sessions, you will want to ask the trainer what they think you should focus on. If you are working with a limited time frame it’s not realistic to think you can tackle everything and a good trainer can tell you what goals you should work on first.

Now, here’s my advice on the best way to find a personal trainer:

First, check with friends for referrals. If they have someone they recommend, ask them what they liked about that trainer and why. If you can’t find a referral or are looking for someone cheaper, the other option would be to check out local gyms.

You’ll want to find a gym that is either close to work or home so that you can schedule your training sessions at a time that fits in with your daily schedule. This makes it less likely for you to find an excuse to skip sessions.  Big gyms will have cheaper rates and training specials but keep in mind you will also need to purchase a membership. Talk to the training manager, tell them you’re interested in hiring a trainer and would like to know your options.

Things to consider when choosing a trainer:

-Credentials: This is the most important thing to consider. Ask for the trainer’s certification before anything else. They should be certified through a reputable company- ACE, NASM, and ISSA are all great, top certification schools.

-Does the trainer have the days and time slots available that you need? If not, move on. You want to make sure that you are not starting out giving yourself an excuse to skip sessions already before you even begin!

-Personality: Can you spend time with this person without dreading it? If you will be spending several days a week with them you want to make sure you enjoy them as a person too.

-Proof is in the pudding: Does this trainer practice what they preach and are they in the type of physical shape that makes you believe they know what works? It’s natural for trainers (and all of us, duh) to be at different points in their fitness journey so definitely take that into account here. A trainer doesn’t need to be in peak physical shape constantly, or even at their ultimate goal physically, but are what they saying about themselves and their philosophy matching up to what you see?

What has been your experience in hiring a trainer? Do you have any helpful info or further questions about how to find a personal trainer? Let me know in the comments below!

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