How to Know You Need to Take a Rest Day-7 Sure Signs


Do you often wonder how to know you need to take a rest day?

Rest days are essential for recovery and injury prevention but how do you know How to Know You Need to Take a Rest Dayif you should push through tired, sore muscles or give them a rest? A good personal trainer can take a look at your personal workout routine and tell you when you might expect to need a rest day, but if you’re working on your own sometimes it can be hard to tell if what you’re feeling is normal soreness or a sign your muscles need to rest. If you want to find out how to know you need to take a rest day, or if you should just quit your whining and suck it up buttercup, there are definite signs that will tell you stop and take it easy. I break those down below and give you some ideas for helping you speed along your muscle recovery.


-Fatigue- Abnormal exhaustion, even though you got decent sleep, dragging through your day and unable to feel awake, whole body tired

-Pain-Sharp, stabbing pains, anything that makes you say Ow!
Cramping-Muscle cramps that happen multiple times in the same body part or that you can’t shake off quickly
-Improper Movement-Unable to move your body normally during typical exercises and movements, not being able to control your form during exercise because of soreness or fatigue
-Extreme Hunger- Intense hunger that is more than feeling snacky, feeling like you can’t get full or you want many large meals all day long
-Increased resting heart rate- If you wake up with an abnormally increased heart rate that doesn’t return to normal shortly after starting your day
-Aches- Intense body aches or throbbing
-Dark yellow pee, bad hydration-if your urine is a dark yellow color and stays that way throughout the day despite drinking enough water
-Sore Longer than 1-2 days- Intense soreness that doesn’t start to feel better after a couple of days

Things to do instead to help speed recovery:

-Long walk at an easy pace
-Easy stretches
-Epsom salt bath
-Foam rolling

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