How to Lose Weight Quickly By Cutting Out These Bad Habits:


 In my 8yrs as a personal trainer in Dallas I’ve helped many, many clients find the weak spots in their health routines to get them to their goal faster. The majority of the clients I see all ask how to lose weight quickly because they’ve been frustrated with not seeing results with their current efforts. The most common problems are found in the excuses we tell ourselves everyday, often without even thinking about it. I’m calling out the most common excuses I hear and giving you specific positive actions to choose instead of the excuse so that you can stop being your own speed bump to success.


Read through the list and see if any of these excuses sound like something that you would say, then commit to changing these bad habits today!


  -Im too busy to workout this week. Back the ego up Obama. You’re not the freaking president! You may be too busy one or two days but not every day of the week. It may be hard to find the time to workout but its not impossible. *Before you tell yourself this is the reason you can’t lose weight try this: Schedule your workouts for the week on Sunday and pencil in one extra workout in case you end up canceling one later; wake up 30 minutes earlier to get in a short workout; really look at your time management and see what you’re prioritizing over your health-do you need to say no to a social event or favor for someone else to take care of your health first?   -I eat healthy I swear! NO you don’t. I’m going to say this again. NO YOU DON”T. Most people are not educated on what what actually makes up a healthy diet and as Americans we are desensitized to all the indulgences we take in way too often. *Before you decide you don’t need to change your diet to lose weight think about what you eat weekly and make sure you’re doing these things: limiting alcoholic drinks to 1-2 times a week (to lose weight!), and 1-2 drinks at a time; counting any drink of any kind in your daily calorie count (are you drinking juices, sugary sodas or teas, coffee with add-ins, alcohol?); limiting indulgent foods to 1-2 times a week (sweets, calorie heavy breads, fried foods, super calorie heavy foods); avoiding too many servings of healthy fats (even avocado, almonds, and coconut oil can derail weight loss when you eat too much!); eating appropriate portion sizes.


-That method didn’t work for me. REALLY? Realllly? How long did you try and how much effort did you actually put in? Half-assing something and then deciding it doesn’t work for you is self sabotage. Weight loss is hard and takes your full effort-it won’t respond to you “sorta trying”.  *Before you decide that you need a different weight loss tactic make sure you give your current one 100% effort and at least 2-3 weeks of your time.


-I worked out hard enough that I knew I could indulge a bit later. NO you didn’t. I’m going to say this again. NO YOU DIDN”T. Across the board, almost every single client I’ve ever known underestimates the calories in food. An extra 10 minutes or 2 exercises earlier in the day cannot cancel out a night of Mexican food and beers. It may cancel out half a glass of wine but that’s about it. *Before you decide this isn’t your problem try this: the next time you know you want to indulge a bit, look up the calorie count of what you want to eat or drink then calculate how many calories it will take to burn it off during your workout that day.


-I’m working out super hard! Quit looking at your phone so much during workouts. Quit taking a gazillion bathroom and water breaks. (I’m not saying you don’t need them, just don’t use them as an excuse to procrastinate during your workout.) *Before you decide you don’t need to up your workout intensity go through this checklist: actually time your breaks between sets and aim for no longer than 60 seconds; if you haven’t changed exercise or weights in a while you need to switch it up; measure your heart rate or check in on your breathing mid workout-you shouldn’t be able to say more than 3 words at a time during peak performance.   -I’m super active I don’t need to move more! Part of living a healthy active lifestyle is finding and taking opportunities to move throughout your whole day, not just during your workout. Sure you may have worked out intensely for a full hour but sitting on your butt for the rest of the day decreases your daily calorie burn and negatively affects your metabolism. *Before you decide this isn’t your problem commit to these changes for at least one week and see if it helps: limit post work sitting on the couch, while watching tv get up and move around during commercial breaks; take at least one quick 5-10 minute walk during your workday; park farther away so that you have to walk more; take the stairs instead of the elevator; stretch before bed; don’t count your dog walk as your personal cardio (unless your dog is actually your same pace running/walking buddy!). Have you caught yourself using any of the above excuses? What’s been your biggest challenge in overcoming them? Share your experience with the Boost! Fitness community below!

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