How to Plan a Local Hiking Trip

Perdenales Falls State Park

Perdenales Falls State Park


My client Rachel told me earlier this year that she wanted to try hiking but she didn’t know how to start. I love hiking and when I can’t get away for a longer trip, I plan for a smaller local hiking trip so I offered to plan a weekend hiking trip for us and I was super excited she was interested in heading out of town to hike with me!


Here’s the process I use when I plan a local hiking trip:

Picking a place:

-I first Google for the closest State Parks to see which are within a reasonable driving distance, generally less than 6 hours away. I also see which surrounding cities near the State Park I would like to visit and have lodging available.

-If you can’t find a State Park close enough to your city, go onto and search for trails near your city or a city nearby that you’d like to visit.

Finding somewhere to stay:

-You can check on for cabins but if you’re looking in a less metropolitan city you will most likely have more luck on I have used HomeAway for many years and have never had any issues.

-We used a lodging service specific to Texas Hill Country and although I was not happy at all with the customer service, the cabin was adorable and I would definitely rent it again.

-You could also do a Google search for local Bed and Breakfasts, Inns or Hotels in that city if that’s more your speed.

Figuring out what trails are available to hike:

-Check on to find your State Park that you are visiting (or local trails in your city) and read through the reviews to see which ones look like the best fit for you.

-State Parks will always have trail maps on their website as well as at the ranger office. Be sure to also check on the State Park website to see if anything is closed due to weather or other issues.

Finding things to do:

-Google the city and find their specific website or tourism website to search for shopping, restaurant and activities that will be happening during your stay.

-The shops in Wimberley were adorable, lots of antiques and cute girly clothing.

What has been your favorite local hiking spot? Share any trip tips you have in the comments below!


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