How To Stay Healthy Over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is just ahead and if you are dieting it may be tempting to just throw in the towel for the day and not even try.  halthier labor day
There are some ways to not go overboard and still enjoy yourself on this last official weekend of the summer. If you plan ahead you can avoid a weekend of weight gain and still enjoy yourself. Read through the tips below on how to stay healthy over Labor Day weekend.

Never go hungry! Eat a small snack and hydrate plenty before leaving for the party to avoid overeating from hunger later.

Bring a healthy dish to ensure there will be something to snack on while you’re there. Don’t just hope you will find something healthy to eat when you get there.
Don’t snack on the chips and party foods mindlessly. if you choose to eat a calorie heavy food do it intentionally and give yourself a small portion and then stay away from it when you’re done.

Burgers and hot dogs can still be part of your game plan! Go bun-less or eat only half a bun, skip the creamy sauces like mayo and sugary bbq sauce, and load your burger or dog load up with veggies for flavor instead.

Stay away from the neon colored fun drinks and choose something basic to save calories. Look at list below if you want to know specific calorie counts for cocktails!

Move while you’re at your party, preferably away from the food tables! Walk around as you mingle, join in volleyball or pool games.

Workout a little longer that day, you can even estimate what extra calories you will be eating and plan that calorie burn into that day’s workout to counter them.

Sip on water before alcoholic drinks and between them as well. This slows you down so you can pay attention to what you’re drinking and makes you feel full so you’re less likely to eat more as well.
Michelob Ultra- 95 calories
Red Wine- 125 calories
Bud Light- 110 calories
White Wine- 120 calories
Rose Wine- 100 calories
Margarita -frozen- easily 500 calories
Skinny Margarita on the rocks (tequila, lime juice, and triple sec)- 153 calories


Do you have any tips that help you avoid over-indulging at parties? Leave them in the comments!

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