How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling is exciting but when you’re trying to stay healthy and fit it can also cause some anxiety. I have lots of tips on how to stay healthy when travelingHow To Stay Healthy When Traveling
that I use with my personal training clients to help you stay on track with your fit goals. These are are great tricks to make sure you’re not starting again at square one when you get back from your trip!

Contact your concierge before your trip and ask about scenic running routes and local fitness classes, try something new! Book the fitness classes and plan ahead!

I say this about your normal week and it’s an even better tip for when you’re traveling: make your easiest meal healthy. what does this mean? Be strict about the meal that least excites you and is the easiest to eat healthy. Usually this is breakfast. Grab some fruit and a protein bar from your hotel room or order an eggwhite scramble. Save your splurges for meals that you enjoy the most.

Pack your workout clothes first-before anything else. Seriously. DO NOT let yourself accidentally forget them. Shoes on top for extra credit.

Commit to doing at least one thing active every day-even if it’s just a sight seeing walk, something is better than nothing always.

RELAX- don’t try to be perfect! If its a work trip there will be things you cannot control and you need to be ok with that. If its a vacation then understand that relaxing is just as important to your self care as workouts are. You can go full steam ahead when you get back home to your regular routine.

Workout first thing in the morning, or right before dinner, plan ahead! If you know you’ve got a packed day, grab some coffee and get in that workout before you do anything else, get it out of the way. If you want to sleep in a little, plan to workout right before dinner

Pack resistance bands- If the hotel gym sucks or is missing equipment you can use those plus some bodyweight exercises to get in a workout no matter where you are.

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