How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick-Finally!

If you want to know how to make your New Years resolution stick you must realize why most resolutions fail in the first place: You try to do too much all at once. When you try to be perfect at everything you are most definitely setting yourself up for failure. Trying to change too much at once will lead to overwhelm, fatigue, and even possible injury, all of which will make you want to quit.   How to make your New Year's Resolutions stick

We are not robots, it is crazy to think we can accomplish and master all of our New Year’s resolutions in a day/week/month. Listen to this statement: “I’m going to drink 8 glasses of water a day, stop drinking alcohol, get in two hour workouts 5 times a week, cook all my meals from the Whole 30 diet, get 10 hours of sleep a night, and become lacto-ovo-PETA-gluten free-vegetarian.”HOW CRAZY DOES THAT SOUND? Now think about how crazy it is to assume someone would be able to master all those things at once.
I cannot tell you how many times I hear similar statements from people who then whine about how hard it is to reach their goals and give up before January isn’t even over. Well of course they give up! I’d give up too and I’m a fitness professional!
Another common mistake is falling into the all or nothing mindset. A true habit is built from consistent, sometimes imperfect actions.How much better would you feel if instead of completely skipping your workout when you’re tight for time, you get in 15 minutes of SOMETHING?! Or instead of throwing in the towel after slipping up on your diet, you chug a big glass of water and make your very next meal a healthy one and get right back on track?
To avoid these two big goal setting mistakes and actually keep your fitness goals this year, you need to set small goals weekly and add more ONLY WHEN you feel like you can handle more. When you master those small goals, that small win will motivate you to keep going! Mastering small goals lets them become habit, so that adding a new goal doesn’t feel overwhelming. So this week I want you to pick 2 small things you can work on that will move you toward your big, ultimate New Year goals.
Need some ideas where to start? I’ve broken down some fitness and diet goals below to help you, as well as some motivational tips to read through when you need a Boost!



Make it smart so you don’t have to start over yet again! Start at your current fitness level and build slowly to prevent setbacks from injury and fatigue.

Give yourself several plans to make things happen. If you’re wanting to add in more workouts, have a plan for at the gym and one for at home. If you’re trying to eat healthier have a few go-to meals you can cook, and know where you can get healthy fast food in your area.

Know your weakness and bad habits and “booby trap” yourself. If you know you tend to forget your gym bag, keep a spare one with fresh clothes in your car. If you tend to sleep through your alarm place it across the room so you actually have to get up to turn it off!

Do not let motivation be the deciding factor on what you do. Plan out your week to know where you can fit in your goals and tell yourself if it is in your schedule it is a non-negotiable to-do. Don’t make last minute decisions.

Prioritize self care and sleep to make better choices. When we are tired or overworked we almost always make terrible choices for our health. It is too hard to want to put in more effort when we are cranky and feeling deprived.

Make your hardest things easier so you can put more effort into perfecting your other goals. What I mean by this is if has always been hard for you to eat something healthy for breakfast and you’re trying to lose weight, don’t set a goal in the beginning to cook every morning. Make it easier on yourself and find an easy way to eat a healthy breakfast. Maybe it’s buying fruit and almonds weekly to keep at work to make breakfast a no-brainer. Likewise if you love group classes, set a goal to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a new challenging class because you know it will be easy to motivate yourself to improve there.



Don’t worry about being perfect, work hard at being a little more awesome than you were the day before.

Think about the big picture. What does it really mean to you to achieve these goals? Does it mean being able to play with your children? Does it mean being able to avoid the health problems in your family?

– Realize by taking on this process, THIS IS ALREADY THE NEW IMPROVED YOU. Thinking about it in terms of “the new me does a, b,c, etc…” makes commitment easier.

Be proud of where you’re at now! The choice to start this journey is in itself beautiful. Let that inspire you to move forward.

Use an IPHONE screensaver pic as a motivational reminder. I love choosing an image that either has motivational text or is a pic of what I’m working toward to motivate me. Every time you look at your phone you’ll be reminded of it!

Find a friend or accountability partner that you know you can text with updates and in times of needing motivation.

Use mini incentives that aren’t food: mani pedis/gear/music… are great small rewards for when you hit goals!

Remember that it is a process, don’t expect to be perfect at the end of the day. It’s called a fit LIFE, not a fit DAY!


Eat more veggies. Snack on veggies and hummus, add veggies to every meal, try new veggies weekly.

Drink more water. The recommendation is half your weight in ounces daily.

Monitor your portion sizes. WebMD has a great illustrated breakdown of what your portion sizes should actually look like.

Drink less alcohol.

Cut out all sodas. (This usually works the best when you go cold turkey-the artificial sweetness and sugars will make you crave more if you continue to drink them.)

Cut out artificial sweeteners. These can be in packaged products like juices, yogurt and cereals.

Cut back on carbs. (I recommend keeping starchy carbs to two meals a day only.)

Swap fruit for sweets.

Swap lighter versions of your fave junk foods…A great place to look for recipes to replace your junk and comfort food cravings is the cooking light website.

Start eating slowly, and stop when you are full. Sometimes it take up to 20 minutes for our bodies to recognize we feelings of fullness.



Add an extra weekly workout. (If you’re currently not working out AT ALL, start with 2-3 days a week as a goal.)

Less breaks between weight sets. Quit getting distracted by your phone!

Lift heavier weight during strength training.

Train for a race. Pick a distance that will be challenging for you at your current fitness level right now.

Longer cardio sessions. Don’t add more than 10% more time to your cardio time weekly to prevent injury.

HIIT exercises weekly. Check out my post on how to do these correctly and what exercises work the best.

Commit to a weekly workout date with a friend or your significant other instead of going out.

Add more deep core exercises to your workouts.

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